Review of Dog GPS Tracking Units

Finally, there is a new technology for your pets- Dog GPS tracking units! Though GPS dog tracking systems have been used in the farming industry for quite some time, they were not offered widely for domestic pet owners. At present, there are many manufacturers who offer such systems for pet owners. You can finally heave sigh of relief even if your pet gets lost. This post gives a brief review of dog GPS tracking units.

dog gps tracking units

GPS tracking systems for dogs generally include a miniature receiver and a GPS modem with incorporated software to find out your pet immediately. The top three GPS units for dog tracking are reviewed in the next few sections.

Garmin Astro GPS Dog Tracking Device

This model of dog tracking unit from Garmin is meant for sportsmen and hunters who are on the look-out for a game with their pet. It pins down your dog’s location exactly even if you can’t hear or see him. This system includes a handheld device (Astro 220 GPS) and a cordless transmitter (DC20). It is very easy and simple to use; you can just take it outdoors and switch on both the devices to receive the satellite signals. Now, fix the transmitter to your dog using the neoprene harness provided with the unit. Presto! You are ready to start the game! 

The transmitter sends your dog’s location to your receiver every 5 seconds. You can also see what your dog is doing at present like sitting, standing or running. You can locate your pet even in the densest forests. The device has a water-proof exterior and can endure complete immersion in water for half-an-hour. You can buy Garmin Astro GPS unit from the following link of Amazon at a price of $499.00:

Global Pet Finder

Global pet finder includes a transmitter and a GPS tracking device; the water-proof transmitter can be fixed to the snap-guard, it easily fits in the dog’s collar or harness. The pet owners can develop a virtual fence on the website. This is downloaded to your unit’s memory automatically. If your dog wanders out of this virtual boundary, you will be alerted via email or SMS. The location of your dog is also sent through continuous updates.

The global pet finder works with three rechargeable batteries; a charger is also included in the package. The unit alerts you through SMS or email when its batteries start running low. This device needs a one-time activation charge of $34.99 and a monthly plan. The monthly service plan comprises of 3 locates for one month; a single locate starts when your pet wanders out of the boundary and ends when it returns back. You can order your unit of global pet finder from the following link of Amazon at a price of $114.00:

RoamEO GPS Unit for Dog Tracking

RoamEO GPS unit finds your dog within a distance of one mile in any direction; the tracked details can be viewed on a color LCD display. It shows your pet’s exact position and current movements. You can define the boundaries of the virtual fence and will be alerted if the dog crosses the boundary. The best thing about this system is that it can track three pets at the same time. It is also very easy to use without the need of any installation; it also doesn’t require any third party services. You can order Romeo GPS unit from the manufacturer’s website:

 You can make use of the links mentioned in the above review of dog GPS tracking units to order the devices.

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