3 Commonly Asked Important Job Interview Questions and Answers

Appearing for a job interview is something that starts haunting a person right from the word ‘go’. The youth right from the time they enter college starts concentrating on how their resume should look and make it look really polished and impressive.

The real test comes when they actually face an interview. Whether you are attending an interview for engineering jobs opportunity or faculty jobs opportunity, there are a few questions that are normally asked and one should be well prepared to answer them. Let us see how a candidate should answer the three most commonly asked questions.

  • What Are Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

This is one of the most dreaded questions and should be answered intelligently. The candidate should emphasise on his/her strengths and while coming to weakness try to stay away from personal qualities. Instead, try to concentrate more on how you are working to overcome it and appear really keen on achieving it. This can help you crack the most vital part of any interview.

  1. How Are You Different from Others?

This question gives you the opportunity to express what makes you unique. Grab this chance to tell the interviewer about your skills, traits and experience in a short and concise, but impressive manner. Your answer should align with the organisational goals and with the goals of the role you have applied for.

  1. What Are Your Goals in Life?

Unless the interviewer specifies where you see yourself in the next 2 or 10 years, it’s always better to talk about intermediate goals. Try to align your goals with the company growth. This can always help you bag the job opportunity you have always been dreaming of. This question is asked in almost every interview, so be prepared to answer it well. The answer you give will reflect your personality to a great extent.

Be prepared with answers to the frequently asked questions. Stumbling on a question that is asked out of the left field is fine, but none should falter on the commonly asked questions. Apart from these, there are only 2-3 questions that come out of the blue, which you can answer with your intelligence and presence of mind.

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